Common Misconceptions About Speech Therapy

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Many people benefit from speech therapy early in life. Maybe you had speech therapy as a child, or maybe you've been told that your child could benefit from some sessions with a speech therapist. In either case, it is important to know what you're getting into. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions floating around about speech therapy. This article will dispel them for you so that you can pursue therapy with confidence and knowledge.

3 November 2020

Need a Medical Marijuana Card? How to Avoid Mistakes During the Medical Evaluation

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If you're ready to get your medical marijuana card, it's a good idea to prepare in advance. Obtaining a medical marijuana card can be tricky, especially if you're not prepared for the process. Physicians who provide medical marijuana cards want to make sure that their patients aren't abusing the system. They also want to make sure that the patients they provide cards to will actually benefit from medical marijuana. Before you schedule your appointment, read the list provided below.

2 October 2020

Tips to Help You Care for Elderly Loved Ones

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It's essential that the elderly in our lives get the assistance they need to live a healthy, worry-free life. During this stage in life, people like to retain at least some of their independence but may require help in a few key areas. As a loved one of elderly parents or other family members, it's important to understand what help is needed and find a way to assist them without taking away dignity and self-worth.

26 August 2020

When Red Meat In Your Diet Suddenly Causes Food Allergy Symptoms, It's Time For Tests & Treatments

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If you seem to have suddenly become very allergic to red meat, you'll need to undergo some testing and treatments, especially since food allergies can be life-threatening. When it comes to allergies to red meat, there is one key difference to other types of food allergies: more and more, researchers are finding that allergies to red meat can be caused by the bite of a tick. The most important part of treatment is having a good understanding of your condition.

11 December 2019

Reconstructive Surgery Helps Children With Club Feet Become Athletic Later In Life

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Club feet can be a painful condition for just about anybody and affects newborns at a surprisingly high rate. As a result, parents of children with this condition need to fully understand how reconstructive surgery may help. This care option is often the last and best choice for this deformity and may help a child become a competitive athlete in spite of the state of their foot.  Club Foot May Plague a Child for Years

14 October 2019

Diabetic Foot Care And The Importance Of Routine Podiatrist Services

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If you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is vital to pay attention to the health of your feet. People with blood sugar levels that are not in control have a more difficult time healing from small cuts and infections. When you work with your podiatrist around better foot care, you are taking fewer risks with your overall health. While there is no specific cure for diabetes, diet, exercise, and good medical care can allow you to live a healthy, active life.

12 September 2019

Emergency "Go Bags" For The Chronically Ill And Their Caregivers

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Do you have a chronic health condition that sometimes erupts into an emergency? Is a loved one suffering from an illness or another medical condition that sometimes has you rushing out the door to the local urgent care facility? It's time to get a "go bag" together. Emergency room and urgent care facilities can get easily overwhelmed, especially when there are extreme temperatures happening (like the middle of summer or winter).

2 July 2019